Managing is Much Easier Now

Carry out your project quickly and easily with the superior features of Faz3 IoT Platform.

Create and group your sensors and devices fit for your project. Roll out your project with ready rule management and rich visual components.

The number of your device can be from 1 to 100 or 1000. They run at the same service quality at the Faz3 IoT Platform, even if there are thousands or smallest scale.

What is Faz3 IoT Platform?

Faz3 is an IoT broker service platform that allows you to aggregate, visualize and analyze live data streams of sensors. Faz3 provides instant visualization of the data sent to Faz3 by your devices. You can process and visualize the data online as soon as it arrives via MQTT messages or API calls.

Faz3 IoT Platform is the complete IoT platform where you can quickly provide end-to-end prototyping and proof of concept in your monitoring and control projects for Industrial, Transportation, Energy, Retail, Smart Cities, Healthcare, Home Automation.

What is Faz 3?
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Why Faz3 IoT Platform?

Facilities We Provide

The Most Practical Cloud Solution for IoT Based Solution Needs

Quick Ownership

Easy Links

Scenario-Based Projecting

Ready Reports & Project Management Features

Reliable Platform for Personal, Corporate, Integrator Firms

High Service Assurance

It is a practical IoT platform that can be purchased as self-service.

You will notice how easily you can provide a solution to your needs that may seem complicated.

We are looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.

The requests that can contribute to our platform are very important for us.