FAZ3 IoT Platform is designed to meet the service needs of the high-frequency overload created by IoT devices.

High Performance & Availability

If you are creating an IoT application must meet 100% of the business / industrial requirements. Faz IoT Platform consists of integrations of different components for service quality, continuity and managerial needs. After logging into the platform, you can review your membership information on the page you will come to and make profile changes you need. When you click the “Management Console” button, you access the pure MQTT supported server where your IoT project is running. With its telco grade designed architecture, Faz3 IoT platform guarantees the continuous operation of your IoT project with its architecture that prevents interruption and data loss.

The FAZ3 IoT Platform is designed to meet the service needs of the high-frequency overload created by IoT devices. The Faz3 IoT Platform’s performance load is continually monitored, and when it reaches 70% capacity, parallel message processing power will be increased without any interruption.

Faz3 IoT Platform - High Speed
Faz3 IoT Platform - Dashboard

Monitor Real Time Data On Your Dashboard

Quickly create your IoT project with Faz3 IoT Platform by easily incorporating your things consisting of sensors and actuators into your project and using useful Widgets and Dashboards. Faz3 IoT Platform provides a custom MQTT Dashboard for you. You can easily monitor and manage real-time data with a quick snapshot of the latest events on your private cloud based MQTT server. Get an overview of client status, previous and recent events, end client connections and disconnections. Faz3 offers you all the administrative features that an admin will requirements. The control panel will provide complete real-time control and visualizes the general status of connected devices.

Easily Designed and Effective Dashboards

Faz3 IoT Platform allows you to create excellent data visualization in real time and functional multi-IoT dashboards for your remote device controlled project. You can create unique dashboards using ready-made widgets. For live and historical reports, just dynamically add ready widgets. In addition, you can monitor real-time data of MQTT devices using the data received with the Rest API, and share data with your own developed widgets and applications.

Faz3 IoT Platform - Effective Dashboards
Faz3 IoT Platform - Custom Alerts & Rules

Create Custom Alerts and Rules

The Rules Engine of the Faz3 IoT Platform converts MQTT Messages for effective M2M communication automation. The rules engine’s event-based rules help you analyze data, create actions, and send appropriate messages to another device based on the received data. In addition, a time-based rule engine is available that helps users define messages based on time. You can set for sending a specific message to a particular topic at a specific date and time. Also, you can configure an event message for one-time scheduling and recursive tasks.

Secure Data and Applications on Faz3 IoT Platform

Faz3 IoT Platform, with industry standard authentication mechanisms such as TLS / SSL, prevents the data flow between your MQTT platform, devices and applications from being obtained by third parties.

By default, the agent will start running on port 1883. When TLS is enabled, the port number is changed to 8883. The web login authentication protects data by asking the client for a valid username and password before granting permission to connect. Device level authentication is protected by an X.509 certificate. Faz3 also provides Rest API for secure communication by customizing authentication with bearer token and authorization. New custom authentication is now available to implement central identity management.

Faz3 IoT Platform - Secure Data & Applications
Faz3 IoT Platform - Reliable Protocol Support

Reliable MQTT 3.1 and 3.1.1 Protocol Support

Faz3 IoT Broker Platform is a corporate message broker based on the pub-sub model. Made according to MQTT 3.1 and MQTT 3.1.1 release specifications. Supported standard MQTT protocols reliably and securely connects any device and system through to the each other. This is because MQTT is matured for all IoT applications and is suitable even for the simplest devices. Most importantly, for reliable message delivery, the Faz3 IoT Platform implements all MQTT basics such as QoS 0, QoS 1, QoS 2 and other MQTT bases as well as all Quality of Service levels. In addition, the platform supports secure data transfer via MQTT authentication and encryption over TLS / SSL certificate.

MQTT Client Library for Faz3 IoT

Faz3 IoT Platform is fully compliant with MQTT standards. Therefore, all standard MQTT V3.1 / 3.1.1 clients connect seamlessly to the Faz3 IoT Platform. For example; You can also use Eclipse paho, a C-based client. In addition, ready-made MQTT client libraries for platforms such as Linux, Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac and ESP are available in Resources.

Faz3 IoT Platform - MQTT Client Library